PM Awards Application form

The categories are divided into two groups – Professional Excellence and Project Excellence. The quantity number indicates the number of applications.

If you apply for up to 3 categories with one registration, you will receive a link to all application forms for the chosen categories.

If you apply for an additional category later, you will receive a new registration link to a separate application form portal.

Note: Every applicant is allowed to apply for up to 3 categories from both of the groups.

Only 1 nomination per applicant is required for the Professional Excellence categories. The nominated person will be assessed by our Jury based on project management experience, skills, and achieved results (not based on the number of applications received), therefore further endorsements will not affect the result.

The applicant’s personal information processed as part of the registration form will be used for the purposes of PMI Bulgarian Awards 2023 during the nomination, interviewing, and recognition phases.