Reasons to Participate

Bulgarian Project Management Awards 2021

Reasons to Participate

Why You Should Participate


Managing projects often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility. 


Project managers and teams are required to give their best to achieve the desired outcomes for stakeholders, organisations and for the community. 


The Global society is increasingly dependent on projects. Managing these projects successfully has become a trade that requires the right competences at the right time.


PM Awards Bulgaria is proud to celebrate these outstanding project management achievements. 


  • Get a global recognition for your Project Management work with the PM Awards Bulgaria
  • Enhance your reputation - your success will be shared with the Bulgarian PM community and will reach a broad business audience 
  • Add credibility to your business - every award winner can share their success story with their clients, future prospects, etc.
  • Benchmark your work - see where you stand on the market by comparing yourself to your competitors
  • Praise your team members and celebrate their achievements by winning a PM Award


Modesty is a value, but great results should shine! Reach for the stars!


Enter the awards with your project or nominate your team.



Why your Organization should participate


  • Provide recognition to the broad community of PM practitioners and their organisations in Bulgaria
  • Promote project management as a function and profession to industry, public sector, academia, not-for-profit communities and the public
  • Profile best practices of project management and project management practitioners
  • Engage businesses to build capacity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of project management
  • Encourage other practitioners and organisations to excel and be recognised
  • Promote employee engagement and talent management