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PMDAY BULGARIA happening on November 23rd! | PMDAY Bulgaria 2018

PMDAY BULGARIA happening on November 23rd!

PMDAY Bulgaria 2018

PMDAY Bulgaria Conference is a full day event dedicated to the latest trends in the project management profession. This year it will take place on Friday, 23 November 2018 at Sofia Event Center. The Conference will bring together speakers and project management practitioners from Bulgaria and abroad to share valuable knowledge for 8th year.
Project management is relatively new profession in Bulgaria and the interest in it is increasing. This trend is also proved by the growing number of attendees on the PMDAY Bulgaria Conference throughout the years.

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The Format

We will rely on the best practices developed throughout the years. Our attendees will benefit from lectures, workshops and a discussion panel in the course of the formal program and the excellent networking opportunities of the informal events in-between.

A single main track will offer participants keynote sessions, lectures and a panel discussion during the conference day. The main hall in Sofia Event Center with its top notch visual and audio equipment is a fertile ground for a truly engaging presentation. This is the area where most of the energy of the day will be focused.

Parallel tracks in workshop format will run in separate smaller halls. The historically high interest towards this active type of events and its limited seating calls for repeat of each of the workshop topics during the day. Presenters are given the opportunity to continue developing their story and deliver a workshop after they have delivered their presentation in the main hall.
As a genuine networking event, the day will offer inviting coffee and lunch breaks. There, in the open and airy indoor and outdoor premises, dynamic chatter will blend with intriguing partner promotional activities to keep the pace at the right level.

The Motto & Theme: “Project Management Intelligence”

Project Management is not limited to any industry of the public or private sector. If project managers were often coming from the more technically oriented business sector in the past, they tend now to be more generic, less linked with a product or a technique and be able to change industry while still being competent as project managers. They have become the most prominent output of the modern urge for adaptability, flexibility and agility. The strive to deliver high-quality products and services faster, smarter and with minimum risk, has accelerated Project Management’s development and its professionals can now easily flourish in any industry under any circumstances. This is what we call Project Management Intelligence.
In the recent years it has become more and more obvious that the project manager’s role has gone off its traditional rails and has taken on an unfamiliar path to further evolvement. Nowadays project managers are expected to organize and oversee complex, multifaceted projects necessitating the engagement of diverse teams that are not in their management line but which they have to motivate and inspire. Project Managers are now required to possess quite a broad toolbox of soft skills and competences, amongst the more traditional tools of the trade, so they can be not simply resource managers and coordinators, but also reliable strategy consultants, stakeholders’ mediators and communication facilitators.
Projects become more and more complex. As a result, the Project Manager is expected not only to manage business processes, human and financial resources, but also to be a genuine leader and a strategy consultant. It requires mastering process management, strategic thinking, IT-systems and human interaction, etc. or in short Project Management Intelligence.

Putting the Project Manager at the center, we would like to present:

  • new project management methods and processes, helping to put the complexity in order
  • intelligent systems, helping the Project Manager to compute, track and predict project behavior
  • emotional and human interaction intelligence as a means to organize and motivate project teams and stakeholders, and
  • business intelligence skills in help of managing external environmental interactions.

In this complex, demanding and ever-changing environment the only logical choice left to the professionals in the field so they can ensure not only their own professional success but also the business success of their customers and partners is to practice intelligent project management as a contemporary form of general management applicable to all industries.

The Program Content

Technological intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence and Project Management – e.g. impact on Project Manager’s role, case studies about AI projects
  • Is there a place for the PM in the Era of Digitalisation?
  • Product vs. project management

Emotional intelligence

  • Lead, motivate, inspire
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in Project Management
  • Collective Intelligence – e.g. enabling and elevating the collective intelligence as a critical role of leadership/project management

Business intelligence

Data driven project management
Benefits realization/Project success to business success relationship
New methods and processes and how to choose the right one


Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI is the world’s leading non-profit professional membership association for the Project, Program and Portfolio Management profession. PMI serves practitioners through globally recognized standards, certifications, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses and networking opportunities. Much of these activities take place in chapters located in over 80 countries.

PMI Bulgaria Chapter

PMI Bulgaria Chapter was founded in December 2009 aiming to spread across the knowledge about project management standards and best practices. Besides holding regular monthly events in Sofia, PMI Bulgaria Chapter also hosts an annual conference, known as PMDAY Bulgaria.

Tseno Tsenov

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