Five Essential Ways to Show Your Love to Project Management

Five Essential Ways to Show Your Love to Project Management
Okay...let's face it. The use of the L-word here may seem arbitrary, overblown and ultimately driven by the Valentine Day frenzy. But bear with us - we believe we can take the season of wine and chocolates a step further and turn it into a love note to the good old project management profession by sharing some project management best practices. Maybe we can start there - how do you talk about love when you are knee deep in deadlines and intense communication, when the tech guy is babbling nonsense and your customers have a million requirements. Well, start by pausing for a second. Grab a cup of your "OМ" drink and let us show you a few ways that can remind you how to enjoy your profession again.


1. Get to Know Your Community

Get to Know Your Community
If you are reading this, you're probably already "one of us". Good! We love having you, but do you really know "us"? When was the last time you read our Newsletter thoroughly or joined our monthly meeting? Was your head in it or you were frantically running from the kitchen stove to your mail, while you had the live stream on? Give your chapter a chance. Today in PMI Bulgaria you will find 217 project management professionals. Each of us has a story to share. We come together, learn from each other, and we have lots of exciting activities. Every question is thought-provoking and may be that little nudge you need to get a fresh perspective. If you are looking for a new job, there is no better way to ask around "who does what" and get to know employers first-hand. It is the best way to organically meet your new colleagues, compare practices and (be honest) see the real attitude in this organization that you have your eyes on. If you are not yet a chapter member, we hope we can tempt you into it by sharing this link.

2. Find a Volunteering Opportunity

Find a Volunteering Opportunity

Do you know the feeling when you take part in something because you simply believe in it? We do. Last year we carried out two of those wonderful energizing events that reminded us why we chose the Project Management profession in the first place, and what are the Project Management best practices to keep in mind. In June 2021 a team of 35 volunteers managed to pull off the marvellous PM Awards where we shone the light on the most distinguished individuals in our profession. Soon after (okay, soon in PM terms) - in December 2021, we had the 10th edition of our very own Project Management conference. This year we went a bit crazy and dreamy and called it ProjeXplorer. In the end, over1000 people joined our virtual event and for a second consecutive year we were crowned "the biggest PM conference in Europe". Make no mistake that any of this was easy. It took us months and some sleepless nights, but the experience was one of a kind. A cocktail and some chit-chat won't bring you that close to your fellow PMs butany lasting relationships are built in the trenches and that's the true networking experience. Stay tuned as we'll soon start recruiting for the next editions of those great events. If you want to be part of the building blocks of the Bulgarian Project Economy and gain invaluable experience that could propel your professional growth, stay in touch with us!

Find a Volunteering Opportunity

3. Learn Continuously

Now I can literally imagine you picturing the huge pile of things you have on your plate and then putting a textbook on top. It has to come down crashing, right? Well, wrong. Whether you join a class, open a book, or even read a good article you get to enter a special place. A place of focused attention and curiosity that is ultimately both relaxing and inspiring. We can't put aside the fact that Project Management is a very dynamic field and if you stay in "the land of Waterfalls" forever you risk becoming a bit rusty. We'd like to encourage you to search for sources to your own liking - the range goes from basic PM tips, digital PM, productivity and time management, women in PM, tool demos and on, and on...and on. Make a quick search, click on a few links, and check them out. If you find the source interesting, you may follow through your preferred media - YouTube, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters to name a few. It is a good way to stay up to date and brush up on your knowledge.

4. Show Your Appreciation

Have you heard the cliché "reality is perception"? It's true. The tricky part is that we have a limited attention span and evolution programmed us to notice what is wrong (so we can address survival risks). As time passes, this creates our reality of issues and tasks. It is possible to pause and change course via the simple act of appreciation and gratitude. While your team is used to hearing from you on things they must do or report, they would be delighted if you make a different kind of "get together" this time. One that is devoted to highlighting the contributions of everyone. It is simple. Summarize what you have achieved, what you managed to overcome and what helped to do so. Highlight all those daily stretches - the late meeting, the timely response, that time you managed your differences and made it. It will put the team in a whole new place.

5. Tell Someone What You Do

And what matters is how you do that. Let me clarify the difference. It's not that short conversation after a tough day when you get it all out telling your spouse how you have the worst job, boss, project.... No. It is like a conversation with an old boyfriend/girlfriend (that still wakes the butterflies in your belly) in which you really want to show off. You want to say how much you have achieved and how important and interesting are your projects. Go on. Try. Imagine they know nothing about Project Management and you want them to fall in love with the profession just like you did. You may learn some things about your role and remind yourself of project management practices that you forgot about or that you didn’t know.

To Each Its Own: Find Your Way to Show Some Love

Ultimately, the most important part is that you find what keeps the spark alive and what shines the light on staying motivated and willing to apply project management best practices on a daily basis. This being said, if you're the "Five Things" kind of person, we are happy that we gave you a kick with ours. If you're not - see beyond the title further into our intentions of showing some love to our community and project management itself. Why not by becoming a member? Enjoy and stay in touch!