A Party to Remember by Mariya Stoyanova

   Today we meet Mariya Stoyanova (third in the picture from left to right) - a proud PMI Bulgaria Chapter volunteer and an employee of one of the world's leading IT companies, DXC Technology. She’s been with her current company for about 8 years now (with some small interruptions), still her Project Management journey started much earlier - in 2005 when she successfully completed her first project in an area far away from IT - Cultural Tourism development.

   What inspires Mariya the most as she put it: "I love what I do and I do what I love".

   As a Project Manager Mariya has managed many difficult and challenging projects, many of them - time and energy consuming and with plenty of obstacles to overcome. And in between all that hard work she got a very interesting proposal back in 2019 … to become a PM of a Party.

   "A Party PM, wow, sounds so exciting and such an easy thing. What do we need for a party? Just high-level planning, a nice place, some food and drinks, nice music, some balloons and that's it...just a few days of work" she admits she was thinking then. Still then and there came the surprise - this party had to be a different one… It had to be the most special and glamorous party till now. It had to be a 2-in-1 Party for the PMI 50th Anniversary and the PMI Bulgaria Chapter 10th Anniversary.

   And how to organize the most special party then? It appeared it is not only about the venue and the music, but is also about the teamwork, the colors, the decoration, the guests, the cake and all that garnished with passion, good mood, a lot of smiles and gratitude of the biggest Project Management Summit in Bulgaria ever (which took place on Nov 15 2019) - says she today. All that is what made it amazing and remarkable... A PARTY TO REMEMBER.
So, Mariya took on the challenge and delivered a mostly remarkable party with an incredible team (a.k.a. the Party Monsters) she worked with - Desislava Shopova, Lubomir Marinov and Boyana Zahova. And not to forget - it did not take a couple of days, but about 2 months to organize the event.

We, the PMI Bulgaria Chapter Volunteers, were there and we have to confirm that this one was indeed a party to remember! Mariya extends her gratitude to the co-organizers. "A big THANK YOU! It wouldn't have happened without you and it wouldn't have been so great without you!" adds she for the team she worked with while already looking forward to joining the next endeavour with PMI and PMI Bulgaria Chapter.