People + Passion = (Successful) Projects by Svetla Georgieva

   For today’s Success story, our guest will be Svetla Georgieva.

   Svetla is a Senior Project Manager with more than 11 years of experience in the IT sector. She has participated in and managed software development and system integration projects of different scales for Banking and Finance, Telecomm, Healthcare and Insurance, Public Administration and Government. A devoted PMI Bulgaria volunteer since 2014, she has contributed to a large number of projects, including the organization of 5+ PMDAY / PM Summit Bulgaria conferences.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they simply have the heart by Ivelina (Petkova) Chaldakova

   Today we are happy to share the success story of another passionate volunteer who’s been actively supporting the PMI Bulgaria Chapter - Ivelina Chaldakova, or as some of you may know her under her maiden name - Ivelina Petkova.

   Ivelina is a Senior Project Manager and Agile Practitioner with 10+ years of experience (8+ in the IT sector). She has worked with a broad spectrum of companies and organizations (from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies) to successfully deliver multiple projects and programs.

A civil engineer's journey to PMI and Volunteering by Stanislav Trayanov

   Today in our Success Stories series we’ll get to know a civil engineer's journey to PMI or how a random (at first glance) event motivated him to become a volunteer for the largest PM conference in 2019 Europe, to certify as a Project Management Professional and to join PMI Bulgaria Chapter as part of the Extended Board of Directors in the role DAL Projects and Volunteering. All that in just 18 months.

   Stanislav Trayanov is from Plovdiv. After graduating with a master's degree from UACEG he comes back to his hometown and started with a project management position in one of the leading real estate investment companies in the country. He is currently working with a team of 10 experienced engineers. He likes to share that for the past 12 years every day has been a new challenge for him, which is why he continues to work with great passion.

From Project Manager as a Job Title to Project Manager as a Mission by Diana Kovacheva

   The next passionate volunteer and PMI Bulgaria Chapter member that we meet in the Success Stories series is Diana Kovacheva. Diana is part of the Extended Board in the area of Communications in PMI Bulgaria Chapter. She currently works as an IT Project Delivery Manager in an international and innovative IT company, COREFIN, and has over 6 years of experience in managing international projects. Her educational background is in the area of Finance with bachelor and master degrees from leading institutions in Austria and the Netherlands. She has accomplished certifications and courses in the area of Business Analysis, Agile Project Management and is soon facing the challenge of the PMP exam.

Don’t be afraid to change course in your life by Lili Kaneva

   Today we are happy to meet one of our very passionate PMI Bulgaria Chapter volunteers - Lili Kaneva. She is a Master of Electronics from the Technical University of Sofia, a Master of Business Administration from the international faculty of the University of Sheffield and a certified Project Management Professional. Most of her professional experience is related to automotive electronics where she has held roles both in Operations and Development.