From Project Manager as a Job Title to Project Manager as a Mission by Diana Kovacheva

   The next passionate volunteer and PMI Bulgaria Chapter member that we meet in the Success Stories series is Diana Kovacheva. Diana is part of the Extended Board in the area of Communications in PMI Bulgaria Chapter. She currently works as an IT Project Delivery Manager in an international and innovative IT company, COREFIN, and has over 6 years of experience in managing international projects. Her educational background is in the area of Finance with bachelor and master degrees from leading institutions in Austria and the Netherlands. She has accomplished certifications and courses in the area of Business Analysis, Agile Project Management and is soon facing the challenge of the PMP exam.

   Diana joined the PMI Bulgaria Chapter as a volunteer for one of the chapter’s events, which turned out to be the biggest PMI Conference in Europe for 2019 – Project Management Summit Bulgaria 2019, attracting over 850+ PM professionals. She has already been in that field of work for over 5 years, but there was still something missing for her. She accidentally came across the call for volunteers for the conference organization and without much hesitation, she submitted her application. Luckily, she was selected to join the Marketing & PR Team for the conference. What started as an impulsive action, turned out to be a new challenging and very interesting project in a totally new volunteer role for her. After months of hard work and new challenges the hard work paid off and the results of the joint work together turned out to be more than satisfying.

   Diana and most of the team members managed to keep that strong bond, passion and networking that was the result from the great team work during the conference even after the event. Following the elections in February 2020 where her Team Lead from the Communications Team Ivelina Petkova was elected as a Board Member for Communications & Social Media, Diana had the privilege to take on the role as a Director at large (DAL) in the Chapter Extended Board. She has since been taking an active role in raising awareness about the PMI Bulgaria Chapter among the PM community in Bulgaria. She is currently working towards replacing the existing chapter website with a new, much more user-friendly and content-enriched one. Another amazing initiative that the team is supporting is the new first-of-a-kind event in Bulgaria – PM Awards, organized by PMI Bulgaria Chapter and a passionate team of volunteers.

Diana Kovacheva
   “My overall experience with the PMI Community gave me great new insights, definitely broadened my mindset and allowed me to meet awesome PM professionals and amazing people that I can happily call friends. It is a great thing and unfortunately very rare to find so many people passionate about their job and profession and willing to spread that passion around by dedicating time and devotion in that direction, especially in the current challenging global environment that we are facing.”

   Diana adds that the close follow-up of the impact of the PM best practices and the required high level of agility in the current global environment across all the PMI Bulgaria Chapter initiatives helped her really see the added value and impact of project management not only at the workplace, but also in the whole PM community and her personal life.