PMI Bulgaria Chapter® is established in December 2009. The primary driver for the adoption of the PMI's standards and best practices is the constant growing need of professional Project Managers who could manage large and complex projects that will be funded by National and Municipal authorities, the European Union, World Bank and other international funding organizations. These projects and the quality of their results are of critical importance for the development and growth of the country, and the worldwide recognition of these efforts.


  • Facilitating the promotion and adoption of the PMI® standards and best practices
  • Delivery of the PMI® strategic goals to the local public and private sector
  • Establishing a common organizational structure for the active professionals and PMI® members
  • Provision of a continuous education and raising awareness about the new and best practices, which adoption will drive the achievement of the quality in all undertaken projects.


PMI Bulgaria Chapter
68, Bratya Bukston Blvd.
Sofia, 1618