Very often while we evaluate other people we use one common saying - that they miss the first 5 years of their life. What exactly means that and why those first 5 years are so important?

A scientific research of University of California shows that 90% of a child's brain develops in the first 5 years of life. A number of factors influence early brain development. These important factors include: daily / regular experiences, parent responsiveness, nutrition, physical activity, genetics… and of course love.

If we accept the assumption, that one organization is intelligent living organism and its growing is the same as of a kid, then it will be easy to make the comparisons and some retrospective analysis how PMI Bulgaria Chapter has developed since 2010 till now.
  • Starting from Regular Experiences - the first factor, which seems to be of great impact on the proper growth of a living organisms, it can be confirmed that for the local chapter this was also very important. By inviting on each monthly meeting different professionals to share details and lessons learned from the projects they did, the local chapter gave its members and other people with interest in project management the unique chance of absorbing the real live experience of the leading experts in Bulgaria and EU.
  • Parent responsiveness in the first years of course is related with the full engagement of the founders of one organization. The fundamentals of PMI Bulgaria Chapter were established by five people, who have sacrificed their personal life and comfort, giving all their best so that their ‘baby’ grows step by step during those 5 years. Thanks to Jimmy Char, Nedka Gateva, Kalina Nikolova, Dimitar Angelov, Lyubomir Hristov and Dimitar Koevsky now we can celebrate this small anniversary together.
  • Talking for one organization, the Nutrition of course is related mainly to the new comers, who are mostly people with fresh ideas and minds, coming every year and bringing new life to the chapter the same way a river does in the ocean.
  • Physical activity in the case of PMI Bulgaria Chapter is mostly related to all major events organized during the last five years and the involvement in full scale of the chapter members. Starting from the birth of PM Day in Bulgaria and some other volunteer projects, to reach the highest possible outcome as trend setting organization here – the implementation of PMI practices in some of the leading educational institutions like UASAG…)
  • The Genetics of everything we do locally comes not only from the background of the PMI Bulgaria Chapter members, but of course from the leading and more experienced brotherhood entities like PMI International or some other EU chapters. Based on the idea of the “knowledge economy” a lot of good practices were used and implemented locally with great success, so that “the wheel was not discovered again”.
  • Last, but not least of course is the Love needed so that one small kid or any other living organism can grow happy and stable. This is something every new comer and outer world can easily see on the smiling faces of PMI members and rest of the people who were in touch with us during the events organized or the organizations we have supported during those 5 years.
The first 5 major years have been passed successfully step by step the best possible way and now comes the next part, to keep what was created with so many efforts and love and even make it better. This is the testament of the five founders for the next generation of PMI Bulgaria Chapter members till we grow bigger and celebrate the next anniversary circle.