Elisabeth Kostadinov-Huber


Elisabeth Kostadinov-Huber

Associated facilitator
The Business Institute

Workshop topic

Empathy as a key to managing teams

Workshop objective

  • Using emotional intelligence in management – in the modern Digital Age leaders are challenged to manage not only people and processes, but also motivation, goals and meaning.
  • Empathy as an instrument for mutual understanding and influence – how to get to the deep motivations of others and use them in the relationship management.
  • Empathic listening skills – principles and techniques to apply empathy in verbal and written communication.

Professional experience

Elisabeth Kostadinov-Huber, associated Facilitator at The Business Institute, has a master degree in Human Resources and Export Management from Johannes Kepler Universität, Linz (Austria) and working experience in sales, marketing and product management. Besides, she finished her profound coaching education.

Now, as a business and life coach she helps people to solve conflicts, find & reach goals and prepare them for new challenges. She supports her clients in their personal growth to be successful and happy in their professional and private life. At The Business Institute Elizabeth is facilitating Coaching for Leadership, WOOP goal setting and Non-violent communication open workshops and much more specific customized trainings.

She is an expert in emphatic communication, conflict management, organizational constellations, NPL-master and certified coach in “Rezonans Communication”.

Elizabeth speaks fluently Bulgarian, English and German.