Gergana Markova


Gergana Markova

Business effectiveness consultant
Likora Ltd.

Presentation topic

Dealing with challenging behaviors in projects

Presentation abstract

Are there difficult people or just the difficult behaviors that they enter? How to deal with people who always say “NO” first? And with those who always say “YES” but then do not do what they have promised? Is there a way to cope with outrageous and offensive behaviors? What is the only principle that supports every communication?

We will answer these and other questions together. We will play and discuss specific work situations.

Professional experience

Gergana Markova is a personal and business effectiveness consultant and trainer with more than 22-year experience. She helps the managers’ teams of middle and big companies to build unbeatable leadership and high efficiency skills.
She has studied different systems of leadership and personal development, including the development of thinking by well-known authors and consultants. Professional trainer and certified coach.
Expert in the following areas: effective leadership; effective communication; time and goals management; stress management; motivation; influence skills; sales; team efficiency and more.
Many of the more than 15,000 hours of training have been aimed at increasing the efficiency of company employees, building an approach to developing and retaining top talents in organizations, and improving the interaction of companies with their counterparts and partners.