Prof. Khaled Hamdy


Prof. Khaled Hamdy

Project Advisor
Road and Transport Authority Dubai

Presentation topic

Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

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Presentation abstract

This presentation explores the application of Artificial Intelligence in the Project Management Domain. The presentation starts by trying to define what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really is, explaining why it can be best defined as “a science that uses technology to create magic”. The presentation then moves on to discuss the History of Artificial Intelligence and why it has become so prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives.

The different theories behind Artificial Intelligence are then briefly presented at a layman’s level to explain the science behind the magic. This is followed by a description of the application of the different types of Artificial Intelligence in the project management domain starting with planning and cost estimation and ending with Performance and Risk Management. The potential of using Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in other areas is also explored.

In the end, Prof. Hamdy emphasizes his point that “AI is a science that uses technology to create magic”. It can and has been used in several applications in Project Management enabling better project performance and making the life of project managers less (or maybe more) miserable.

Professional experience

Khaled Hamdy is a Professor of Project Management and an Engineering Management Consultant with 32 years international teaching and professional experience. Before joining the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai as the Projects Advisor to the Chairman of the Board, Prof. Hamdy provided Project Management and Business consulting services to organizations in Canada, Egypt, Oman and UAE. His fields of experience include Government, Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing and Service Industries. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Civil Engineering and Construction Management in Canada, Egypt and Dubai. He also supervised several Ph.D. and M.Sc. Students in both Ain Shams and Cairo Universities. He is a Civil Engineer with a comprehensive understanding of the technical, administrative and financial aspects of engineering and project management.