Milena Hadzhiivanova


Milena Hadzhiivanova

Founder and Managing Director

Presentation topic

Authentic Leadership: the magic pill for retaining Millennials? Is this true?

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Presentation abstract

We all know that people quit their leaders, not their jobs. It costs quite a lot of the companies. According to some researches when workers voluntarily quit, it creates a tremendous replacement burden of more than 12 percent of pre-tax income for the average company. Yet some organizations report average voluntary turnover of less than half of industry peers.

  • What makes their employees stay?
  • Authentic leadership? It could be, but how?
  • What exactly does authentic leadership mean?
  • How it seems in action?
  • How hard it is not to be perfect?
  • How the leadership style impacts the corporate culture?
  • What makes Gen X and millennials “willing to stay” in a company according to a Great Place to Work® survey?

Professional experience

Milena Hadzhiivanova is a founder and managing director of the Human Resources consulting company H-Vision ( Psychologist, with Master’s degrees in Speech Therapy and Clinical Psychology. Milena is a professional coach certified by FWI’s Coaching System. She also is educated for Executive and Corporate Coach Diploma, accredited by The International Institute of Coaching and The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).
For more than 19 years of experience, Milena`s contribution could be outlined as follows:

  • More than 13 500 trained managers/leaders and specialists
  • More than 3500 consulting and training projects, including: Strategic HR management projects, Executive coaching etc.

She is a tutor in Sofia University, New Bulgarian University.
Milena is also a founder of Authentic Leadership Academy /