Srinivas Maram


Srinivas Maram

Policy and Program Officer

Presentation topic

How to lead when we lack authority

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Presentation abstract

Research indicates that right from the childhood, we are trained to ask for permission before we have to do something; as we grew we find it easy to blame someone else for our failures; we become lethargic; and, we believe that authority is a prerequisite to lead or to be a leader. In waiting for that position of authority, we miss so many opportunities that otherwise would have benefited us tremendously to excel as a leader. No one person can become a leader overnight, yet research shows that we have had numerous leaders who led effectively without having a position of authority. In order for every individual to be successful, one needs to focus on what he or she can control. I will demonstrate the key principles – purpose of vision, action, critical thinking, positive outlook, resilience, proactive methodology, influence, innovation, social responsibility, believe in self and learning agility – by sharing real stories. To be an effective leader and to transform those of us around, one need to apply and follow these principles of leadership, which can be implemented right away in personal and professional lives.

Professional experience

Srinivas is a Policy and Program Officer at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNA) where is responsible for annual review of negotiations, appointment & reappointment of contract federal negotiators and other related processes. In addition, he teaches project management professional (PMPĀ®) certification training courses and a lead organizer for the #Meetup professional group in the National Capital Region (NCR) for project management professionals. Srinivas is an active member of PMI since 2010.