Bulgarian Project Management Awards 2023


A project will need to meet the criteria listed below to be eligible to apply. Additional criteria might apply per category and they are specified in the application document you will be able to download after you register your interest. 


There will be 3 final candidates per category: one winner and two finalists will be awarded.


Project Management Awards Recognise All Sizes And Complexities Of Projects That Deliver:

  1. Project must be originated and lead by Project Managers and/or the majority of the Project Management team members are located in Bulgaria.
  2. Projects / Organizations from any type, from any industry, in public or private sectors are eligible to apply for the awards.
  3. Bulgarian nationality is not mandatory for Project Managers and/or any of the Project Management team members.
  4. Candidates do not need to be members of PMI Bulgaria Chapter or any other professional project management organization
  5. PMI Volunteers can apply in PMI Volunteer of the Year Category
  6. PM Awards Category Sponsors are eligible to apply when they are compliant with the following criteria: *Category Sponsor must not serve as nominator or endorser for:
    -any application submitted for a PM Award in the category they are sponsoring and
    -any application in categories sponsored by related corporation, company, association, institution etc. (e.g., where they have more than 10% shares in or are part of the same group of companies)
    *Category Sponsor must not be part of the jury for any of the categories.
  7. Nominee(s) representing an organization must be employees or legal representatives or must provide legal consent from the registered entity at the time of the application.
  8. The Project / Organization may have won awards or other recognition from this or other professional associations.
  9. The project is complete [or at least main/MVP phase completed] at the time of nomination and has been accepted as completed by the Sponsor in written form prior to nomination.
  10. The application must be submitted in English

Specific Eligibility Criteria to different awards:

  1. Candidates for the “Professional of the Year (POY)” award must be with at least 5 years’ experience in project management by the day of the application submission deadline.
  2. Candidates for the “Young Professional of the Year (YPOY)” award must be younger than 30 years old with at least 3 years’ experience in project management by the day of the application submission deadline. If you are 30 years old by the day of the application submission deadline, you may apply for YPOY award.
  3. Start-ups must be registered as a legal entity in Bulgaria less than 5 years ago at the time of application (after 31 March 2018). Start-up nominee(s) should be founders, co-founders or majority shareholders, directly associated with the registered entity at the time of the application.

The Following Are Ineligible:

  1. Projects completed before 18 months from the nomination deadline.
  2. Projects that failed to provide the necessary contact, permissions, and release forms, or to satisfy the criteria defined in this document.
  3. Current PMI staff, PMI contractors, PMI consultants are not eligible to apply for this award.
  4. Consultants, trainers, or other third-party providers are not allowed to submit a nomination on behalf of an organization / person.
  5. Nominee(s) representing an organization who are not legally or contractually associated with the registered entity or don’t provide legal consent at the time of application.

The Following Are Applicable Limitations:

  1. Any Organization can submit a maximum of 3 applications.
  2. Self-nominations should have the approval of the Employer or the Customer (in case if self-employed).
  3. A third party cannot nominate a Candidate without the consent of the Employee or Self-employed professional.
  4. Only 1 nomination per applicant is required for the Professional Excellence categories. The nominated person will be assessed by our Jury based on project management experience, skills, and achieved results (not based on the number of applications received), therefore further endorsements will not affect the result.

The Following Are High Level Definitions:

  1. Applications in all categories are open for all Public and Private organizations in all existing market segments (i.e. IT, FinTech, Finance and Banking, Gaming, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Construction, Ministries and Municipalities, etc.)
  2. Project professional is anyone who leads or contributes to a project (i.e. Project manager, Project coordinator, Program manager, Program Director, etc.).
  3. Agile Practitioner is anyone with Agile mindset and values, who follows the principles outlined in Agile Frameworks and contributes to a team, project or organization, adopting Agile practices (i.e. Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Agile Coach)