Bulgarian Project Management Awards 2021


A project will need to meet the criteria listed below to be eligible to apply. Additional criteria might apply per category and they are specified in the application document you will be able to download after you register your interest. 


There will be 3 final candidates per category: one winner and two finalists will be awarded.


Project Management Awards Recognise All Sizes And Complexities Of Projects That Deliver:

  1. Project must be originated and lead by Project Managers and/or the majority of the Project Management team members are located in Bulgaria.
  2. Projects / Organizations from any type, from any industry, in public or private sectors are eligible to apply for the awards.
  3. Bulgarian nationality is not mandatory for Project Managers and/or any of the Project Management team members.
  4. Open to everyone to apply. You do not need to be a member of PMI Bulgaria Chapter or any other professional project management organisation
  5. Nominee(s) representing an organization must be employees or legal representatives of the registered entity at the time of the application. Please note that awards for organizations can only be given to nominees who are legal representatives of the entity at the time of the ceremony.
  6. The Project / Organization may have won awards or other recognition from other professional associations.
  7. The project is complete [or at least main/MVP phase completed] at the time of nomination and has been accepted as completed by the Sponsor in written form prior to nomination.
  8. Application must be submitted in English

Specific Eligibility Criteria to different awards:

  1. Candidates for the “Professional of the year (POY)” award must be over 30 years old with at least 5 years’ experience in project management by day of the application submission deadline.
  2. Candidates for the “Young Professional of the Year (YPOY)” award must be younger than 30 years old with at least 3 years’ experience in project management by day of the application submission deadline. If you are 30 years old by day of the application submission deadline, you may apply for YPOY award.
  3. Startups must be registered as a legal entity in Bulgaria less than 5 years ago at the time of application (after 31 March 2016). Startup nominee(s) should be founders, co-founders or majority shareholders, directly associated with the registered entity at the time of the application.

The Following Are Ineligible:

  1. Projects completed before 18 months from the nomination deadline.
  2. Projects that failed to provide the necessary contact, permissions, and release forms, or to satisfy the criteria defined in this document.
  3. Current PMI staff, PMI contractors, PMI consultants, and/or PMI Volunteers are not eligible to apply for this award.
  4. Consultants, trainers, or other third-party providers are not allowed to submit a nomination on behalf of an organization / person.
  5. Nominee(s) representing an organization who are not legally or contractually associated with the registered entity at the time of application.

The Following Are Applicable Limitations:

  1. Any Organization can nominate only 3 candidates for this Award.
  2. Self-nominations are not allowed without the consent of the Employer or the Customer (case of self-employed).
  3. Third-party cannot nominate a Candidate without the consent of the Employee or Self Employed professional.

The Following Are High Level Definitions:

  1. Private company is defined as an organisation that is not owned or operated by the government
  2. Public company is defined as an organisation that is owned or operated by the government or semi-state agency including:
    1. Civil Service
    2. Defence Sector
    3. Education Sector
    4. Justice Sector
    5. Health Sector
    6. Local Authorities
    7. Non-commercial State Agencies (NCSA)
  3. Project professional is anyone who leads or contributes to a project any capacity. For example, project co-ordination, director, business analyst etc.

Awarding Process

Bulgarian Project Management Awards 2021: Awarding Process


03 June 2021 - Sofia, Bulgaria: PMI Bulgaria Chapter is organizing the first edition of Bulgarian Project Management Awards in 2021, in the format of a “peer review” competition to recognize outstanding projects and professionals actively contributing to the project management profession and best practices in nine categories:


  1. The Bulgarian Private Project of the Year
  2. The Bulgarian Public Project of the Year
  3. The Bulgarian PMO of the Year
  4. The Bulgarian Project Management Professional of the Year
  5. The Bulgarian Young Project Management Professional of the Year
  6. The Bulgarian Social Good or CSR Project of the Year
  7. The Bulgarian Startup Project of the Year
  8. The Bulgarian EU Funded Project of the Year
  9. The Bulgarian Pandemic Response Project of the Year


Phase 1: Volunteering Recruitment and Organization Process (April-October 2020)

PMI Bulgaria Chapter publishes a public call for volunteers and coordinates more than 30 project managers appointed to Marketing, Website, Sponsorship, Logistics, Nominations and Evaluation team responsibilities. The entire organization is planned and executed by volunteers from the Bulgarian project management community to work closely with the Board of PMI Bulgaria Chapter and external stakeholders.


Phase 2: Awareness and Nomination Process (November 2020-March 2021)

PM Awards Team develops and publishes award categories, eligibility criteria, competition rules and contact/interest forms on the event website https://pmi.bg/pmawards, followed by a call for nominations. Bulgarian project management community and network are made aware through marketing activities and outreach programs (via email, LinkedIn and facebook), as well as word of mouth and professional networking. Media partnerships are also activated to raise awareness across wider audiences.


A separate application form for each category is made available to anyone who submits an interest form on the website until the deadline: March 31, 2021.


The nomination team engages in prospecting, inviting, informing, onboarding, and admitting candidates during the application process. Guidance is provided to both nominators and nominees throughout the nomination process in order to decide which categories to apply, to check eligibility/admissibility, and to ultimately improve the quality and relevance of submitted applications.


Each applying entity (organization or individual) can submit a single nomination in up to 3 different categories. Only qualified and completed applications will be admitted to the evaluation phase. Sponsoring organizations will not be allowed to compete in any specific category if they are entitled to hand out the category award to the winners in the same category.


Applicants (nominator and/or nominee) are expected to give consent to making some of their content and biographies public and the information they provide must be declared compliant with confidentiality and data privacy laws. All applications and provided data will otherwise be treated as confidential by the PMI Bulgaria Chapter and the volunteer organization team, even though they cannot be held responsible for the content provided. Any sensitive information should be removed and necessary clearance protocols must be followed.


Once the nomination team clears the admission checks, the applicant will be informed that their application has been accepted and is ready to submit to evaluation to obtain a final approval to proceed to the next phase.


Phase 3: Evaluation Process (April-May 2021)

Each application is divided into 4-8 sections, and each application will be separately scored at least by 3 “peers” who are also project management professionals.


Each evaluator will assign to every section (=question) of the application an integer score ranging from 1 to 5 depending on the merits (excellence and impact) of the project management practices and achievements. Each section is assigned a percentage weight to calculate a total score per application. Scoring matrix and weights are proprietary to the PMI Bulgaria Chapter and will not be disclosed to nominees.


Once the total score is calculated across all the answers, the Evaluation Team will select a shortlist of up to 3 applicants per category. The applicant will be informed whether they were shortlisted or not, without revealing the score. The highest scoring shortlisted candidate is tagged as winner, and the other shortlisted candidate(s) as runner-up(s).


In case two or more applications - on the 3 shortlisted - will score equals the Evaluation Team will have a plenary session and evaluate question by question and applicants by applicants following a top-down approach.


The Evaluation Team will define a distinguishing factor to be announced at the presentation ceremony as the “distinction” for the winner.


The Evaluation Team reserves the right not to announce a winner for a given category if there is no such distinction among the applications, and the entire category may be removed if there is not a sufficient number of qualified candidates in that category to call it a competition.


Phase 4: Shortlist Announcement (May 2021) & Award Ceremony (03 June 2021)

Shortlisted applicants will be informed at least two weeks before the Awards Ceremony. Winners and runner-ups will be sealed in envelopes until then and will only be opened for announcement during the PM Awards Ceremony on 03 June 2021.


Conflicts of Interest and Disclaimer with Regards to Objectivity and Finality of Decisions


Conflicts of interest will be avoided to the best of the organizers’ knowledge and effort. PMI Bulgaria Chapter, or the sponsors, as the awarding body will not attempt to influence the evaluators in any shape or form and has selected a diverse and random panel of evaluators that are known to be objective, trusted, respected, and knowledgeable members of the project management community.


Evaluators will not vote for any entry with which they have a conflict of interest. Evaluators will not be assigned to any categories which may be subject to a conflict of interest. Evaluators will abstain from scoring in a specific category if there is even a slight chance of prejudice in that category due to:


● The evaluator is employee or affiliated partner or has any other form of commercial interest or relationship with the nominee or the category sponsor (current or in the last 3 years)


● The evaluator is employee or affiliated partner of a direct competitor or has any other form of competing interest or relationship with the nominee or the category sponsor (current or in the last 3 years)


● There is a personal relationship (marital, family, kinship, friendship,..) between the evaluator and the nominee or the category sponsor.


● The evaluator is a nominee or sponsor.


● The evaluator decides not to participate under any other potential conflict of interest, or suspicion, if they are not 100% sure of making an objective “peer review”.


In the absence of such direct conflict of interest of a commercial or personal nature, the score given by an evaluator will be considered relatively “objective” as it is provided by a peer practicing and respecting the norms and standard of the same profession (i.e., working as a project manager). “Peer reviews” are not expert opinions and provided as is without any guarantee of scientific objectivity.


Applicants must understand the voluntary nature of the evaluation process and accept all results as final without recourse to appeal. In order to avoid any issues, PMI Bulgaria Chapter will not announce publicly the names of the evaluation team members. For any evaluation questions or doubts regarding conflicts of interest please contact volunteers@pmi.bg or the PM Awards project managers at pmawards@pmi.bg


The Board of the PMI Bulgaria Chapter declines any responsibility that may result from voluntary participation in this competition, and any interpersonal conflicts of any kind among the stakeholders, except those that can be linked to a fully informed decision by the Board members proven to be prejudiced, and will do its utmost to avoid conflicts of interest and inform the general public and/or interested parties if any such issues arise.


Confidentiality and Privacy

Nominators (on behalf of nominees) must declare their compliance with all legal matters, including privacy laws, confidentiality agreements, trade secrets, intellectual property rights that organizers and evaluators may not be aware of.


PMI Bulgaria Chapter will treat all information provided as confidential and will never release to third parties, with the notable exception of legal obligations.


Participating in this competition implies that the applicants implicitly consent and willingly enter to obtain marketing and media exposure, and cannot claim that the marketing briefings and biographies provided for marketing purposes are private. PMI Bulgaria Chapter has the right to share names and organizations that apply as long as they have given the specific marketing permissions (“opt-in”) included in the application forms. However, all applicants have the right to be removed from such publicity at any point in time, which will be applied retroactively to the extent possible (“right to be forgotten”).


PMI Bulgaria Chapter reserves the right to announce and share publicly all news regarding shortlisted candidates, until the moment of receiving a written request to remove such communications from official information boards and channels.


For further information on PMI Bulgaria Chapter’s privacy policies please contact the privacy officer: privacy@pmi.bg