Tolee Fotitzidis


Tolee Fotitzidis

Personal Coach & Business Strategist
Tolee Media Ltd

Presentation topic

The Art and Science of Transforming Any Relationship

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Presentation abstract

Tolee will prove to every attendant that our mind makes everything up and how much it’s fooling us. This insight helps us to process people’s behaviors more efficient and to develop skills that shorten the communication gap in any relationship in our life. The takeaway for the audience is a proven methodology for taking the time to connect, to understand and to appreciate. And with that, to receive the gift of trust, influence and growth.

Professional experience

Tolee has over 15 years of experience as an independent consultant and trainer. He has worked with global brands, organizations, small businesses, and individuals all over the world.
He is instructing workshops and online courses about various Marketing, Leadership & Business Topics.