Mentorship Program – PMI Bulgaria Chapter

Mentorship Program – PMI Bulgaria Chapter


This Mentorship Program is sponsored by the PMI Bulgaria Chapter and designed to enhance the professional experience and development of its participants. The program is aimed at providing opportunities for junior Project Managers (Mentees) to learn from senior Project Management Professionals (Mentors) in a five-month engagement program. Participation is strictly voluntary and without financial compensation.



  • Project Management – emphasizing PM skills, emerging trends, and strategies required to become a more effective and thriving project manager.
  • Career Development – attention to how you plan for the next steps in your PM career.
  • Leadership – enhancing leadership skills in areas such as holding a high-stake conversation, developing influencing skills and establishing trust-based relationships.
  • AI in Project Management - guiding mentee on the effective and ethical implementation of AI in Project Management, helping them to drive the adoption of AI tools which are ultimately enhancing their ability to manage projects successfully.
This program is not meant to prepare you for a PMP or other PMI exams, provide you with academic tutoring or certification, or find you a job or job referral. However, Mentors may share knowledge on those topics and provide references according to their discretions.



  • Recognition – PMI BG will promote Mentors’ profiles on this page.
  • Earning PDU’s – Mentors earn PDU’s through the ‘Giving back’ shared knowledge category and collect 1 PDU per one hour volunteered (max 24 PDU’s).
  • Giving back – contribute to the PMI community by leveraging years of experience, knowledge and wisdom to help Mentees succeed.
  • Developing interpersonal competencies – enhance leadership, teaching and coaching skills which encourages you to become a more reflective practitioner.
  • Insights – gain new insights from your interactions with Mentees.


  • Skills Development – learning from the expertise, experience and wisdom of seasoned professionals.
  • Networking – gain access to important career contacts and building a valuable network.
  • Earning PDU’s – earn PDU’s in the ‘Education’, informal learning category.
  • Problem-solving – a Mentor can be a sounding board for situations or problems you are unsure of the solutions too.
  • Direction – consider future direction and goals for career path development.


  • September – First intake, introduction, match-making, kick-off
  • September to January – Mentoring
  • January – face-to-face meet for Lessons Learned & Celebration
  • February – Second intake, introduction, match-making, kick-off
  • February to June – Mentoring
  • June – face-to-face meet for Lessons Learned & Celebration

*All sessions will take place virtually unless otherwise agreed between the Mentor and Mentee.


  • Call for mentors and mentees – July-August 2024
  • Application deadline – Monday, 9 September 2024
  • Program Matchmaking session – Wednesday, 18 September 2024
  • Program Kick-off – Wednesday, 25 September 2024
  • Program survey – completed at the end of each intake


  • Mentors and Mentees are required to be a PMI member in good standing or students of partnering universities.
  • Mentors and Mentees must complete the application forms in time and go through the recruitment and matching process.
  • Mentors are seasoned professionals with at least 10 years of experience and hold at least 1 of PMI’s certifications, preferably PMP.
  • Mentees are in project-related roles who are committed to learning and professional development.
  • Mentors and Mentees will be required to meet for a minimum of 2 hours per month for the duration of the 5-month program.


Mentor and Mentee applicants are required to complete the online application forms:

Once the application process has closed, all applicants will be informed of the Kick-off meeting dates.