We invite you to enjoy membership in the PMI Bulgaria Chapter®.


We appreciate and thank you for your future decision to become a PMI® member. Your membership offers you many different ways to grow professionally and to interact with peers around the world. You can experience some of the most rewarding benefits of membership when you participate in the PMI Bulgaria Chapter®. A majority of PMI® members belong to a chapter, specific interest group or college — and many members belong to more than one. PMI® has more than 250 chapters in more than 70 countries worldwide, where members meet face-to-face for events and activities that will expand your networks and your knowledge. The events explore topics of importance to project managers in fields such as IT, consulting and government, or go in-depth on essential aspects of project management such as risk and scheduling. Many members tell us that these affiliations are one of the most valuable parts of PMI® ... please don’t miss out. Becoming part of PMI Bulgaria Chapter®, an active community of project management professionals, is a process comprised of two steps:

Step 1: Join PMI® Global community (via www.pmi.org)

Step 2: Join PMI Bulgaria Chapter® (via www.pmi.org)


When you become a PMI® member, you'll gain access to knowledge, networks and resources that can help you to improve your work and advance your career in project management. Such membership leads to a recognition that you are:

  • Serious about professional and personal development
  • Enthusiastic about good practices in project management
  • Dedicated to practicing your profession in an ethical manner

All of these factors give you an edge in the job market and distinguish you to employers, colleagues and stakeholders.


Joining a chapter gives you the opportunity to learn from peers, share what you know and increase your contact network. It's a most enjoyable and rewarding part of being a member. hapter members meet face-to face. You'll engage with project practitioners from varied industries and get together for educational and networking events.


  1. Browse to www.pmi.org
  2. Go to the PMI® Membership Overview page
  3. Click on Join PMI® or Renew Membership
  4. Click on Join to get the on-line Membership Application.
  5. Checkout and pay by credit card. The PMI® Global Operations Center will process your application within a few weeks and your data will be added to our chapter database


  1. Access the Member Logon area of the PMI.org website
  2. Log into the PMI® Membership Area using your PMI ID number and password
  3. Click on "chapter" in the sentence "Join a chapter near you" in field "Communities"
  4. Select the Bulgaria Chapter from the list of chapters
  5. Click Continue and you will be taken to a Checkout screen where you can put the Dues on a credit card