The PMI Bulgaria Chapter® is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for carrying out the purposes and objectives of the non-profit corporation. The Board consists of the officers of the PMI Bulgaria Chapter® elected by the membership. The officers are members in good standing of PMI® and of the PMI Bulgaria Chapter®. Terms of office for the Officers are two years. 

PMI Bulgaria Chapter® Board Of Directors

  • President: Boyana Zahova
  • Vice President for Professional Development: Aneliya Chervenova
  • Vice President for Sponsorship: Elena Elenkova
  • Vice President for IT and Web Activities: Tseno Tsenov
  • Vice President for Development Projects and Volunteering: Mariya Stoyanova
  • Vice President for Membership: Gabriela Mitsova
  • Vice President for Communication and Social Network: Elena Baillie
  • Vice President for Marketing: Hristina Ruseva
  • Vice President for Treasury and Finance: Assya Kirova
  • Vice President for Administration and Secretariat: Gergana Hadzhiyankova