Become a PMI Bulgaria Chapter Volunteer for PM Summit & PM Awards

Become a PMI Bulgaria Chapter Volunteer for PM Summit & PM Awards
Good things happen when you join PMI Bulgaria Chapter! You now have the chance to become an active part of our chapter’s life and utilize your experience to provide invaluable help to our community and board members.

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Project Manager + Deputy Project Manager (2 people)

Duties and Responsibilities

Develop Event Concept and Plan
Early in the event planning process, the event project manager’s primary duty is to develop an event concept and overall plan. Working closely with the project board and project team, the project manager gathers information related to the event, including the number of guests, the purpose of the event, and preferences for venues, food, and décor. Based on this information, the project manager develops proposals and concepts to present to the board.

Select Event Elements and Vendors
Project managers work with their teams to select elements of the event, beginning with the venue itself. They also select caterers, providing information about attendance and expectations to support vendor offers and financial planning.

Negotiate Contracts
Additionally, event project managers work directly with vendors and project board to negotiate contracts for various services and products related to the event. They may work with hotels to negotiate a group room rate, for example, or collect caterer bids and negotiate with these companies to keep event costs down.

Manage Event Logistics
Before and during the event, event project managers oversee logistics together with the project team. This can include many elements such as transportation, lodging, and venue preparation. The project manager needs to develop schedules for food preparation, delivery of supplies, and entertainment to ensure that the event runs smoothly and according to the client’s schedule.

Maintain Event Budgets
Project managers play a vital role in ensuring that events stay on budget. During the planning phase, the event project manager works with the project board to develop an overall budget as well as category-specific budgets for certain elements of the event, such as food and venue rental. Throughout the event-planning process, the event project manager identifies opportunities to cut down costs or reallocate funds to ensure that the project stays on budget.

Collaborate with Vendors and Partners Before and During Events
Project managers are often the primary point of contact for Vendors and Partners and are responsible for answering questions and resolving issues that arise over the course of the event. As a result, project managers have to be on-site for the event itself to ensure that it goes smoothly and quickly respond to issues. The event project manager may also provide updates and guidance throughout the planning process.


Logistics Team (5 people)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify the events requirements and expectations
  • Liaise with vendors, exhibitors, and stakeholders during the event planning process to ensure everything is in order.
  • Manage all event set-up, tear down, and follow-up processes.
  • Submit logistics budgets to Project Managers.
  • Book venues, entertainers, photographers
  • Conduct final inspections on the day of the event to ensure everything adheres to the chapter’s standards.


Marketing & Communications Team

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work in collaboration with the VPs of Marketing & Communication
  • Conduct market research
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for creative marketing campaigns
  • Assist in outbound or inbound marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas (content development and optimization, advertising, events planning etc.)
  • Liaise with external vendors to execute promotional events and campaigns
  • Collaborate with marketing and other professionals to coordinate brand awareness and marketing efforts
  • Plan and execute initiatives to reach the target audience through appropriate channels (social media, e-mail, TV etc.)
  • Assist in analyzing marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, traffic etc.) to help shape future marketing strategies
  • Undertake individual tasks of a marketing plan as assigned
  • Submit marketing budgets to Project Managers.


Speakers Management Team

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Source, review, iterate, schedule, and manage the speakers for 50-100 sessions at PM Summit 2022
  • Development and maintenance of all data for conference speakers and submissions, including tracking all feedback, contact info, and managing ongoing speaker communication
  • Work with other teams on event schedules, timelines, and call for speakers launch
  • Updating and maintaining accuracy of conference content in internal databases, websites, and printed materials
  • Liaison with the project team to coordinate speaker logistics and communication
  • Work with Marketing team to coordinate speaker and agenda announcements


Registrations Team

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Optimize attendance and distribution of attendees for the event.
  • Minimize the number of onsite registrations, and reduce the drop-out rate
  • Ensure all visitor telephone and email queries are responded to within 48 hours.
  • Oversee the scheduling and delivery of post-booking, pre-event information emails and phone calls, in collaboration with key stakeholders, to ensure the information sent is relevant and accurate.
  • Responsible for decision-making on all matters relating to visitor bookings.
  • Analyze all registration data on a weekly basis to highlight trends, including year-on-year comparisons, to influence marketing and operational activity.
  • Manage visitor capacities on a weekly basis to ensure a spread of visitor bookings across each event day, and enough capacity is given to both group and individual bookings.
  • Work closely with Marketing to plan and produce content and help influence the visitor prebooking communications schedule of activity.
  • Manage feedback surveys and analyze data to produce insight for future developments.
  • Manage onsite registrations
  • Collaborate with Finance team to cross-check payments and delivery of invoices.


Partnership and Sponsorship Team

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assess the event sponsorship needs.
  • Develop proposals to send to different organizations in order to solicit sponsorships.
  • Draft contracts and research corporate projects through different media channels.
  • Create and implement plans to attain sponsorships from different providers.
  • Collaborate with VP of Sponsorship to meet clients and explain to them the need for grants and their eventual benefits.
  • Implement sponsorship strategies to maximize revenues.
  • Ensure appropriate delivery of sponsorship programs at every level of the project.
  • Seek new sponsors by taking referrals and searching for different avenues such as the web.
  • Handle negotiations (together with VP of Sponsorship) with sponsors and ensure that the agreement that has been reached is the closest to the objective of the plan.
  • Act as a liaison between sponsors and the company and report to VP of Sponsorship and Project Managers.
  • Assist VP of Sponsorship in order to ensure the efficacy of existing sponsorship programs.
  • Ensure that are marketing activities aimed at acquiring and using grants are coordinated properly and are in sync with the program’s directives.
  • Ensure that sponsors are integrated into as many aspects of promotional campaigns as possible.
  • Ensure the delivery of agreed sponsor benefits successfully.
  • Write and file sponsorship reports for the benefit of documentation and review.
  • Coordinate event guest lists, catering, and entertainment requirements.
  • Develop appropriate correspondence such as proposals, thank you letters, and program outcome information.


IT Team

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with project team and VP of IT to create event technology strategy
  • Based on event/team requirements find proper technological solution
  • Install/setup/maintain selected platforms directly or coordinate with support channels
  • Setup and maintain event website
  • Collaborate with venue to assure all technical event needs are met