Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they simply have the heart by Ivelina (Petkova) Chaldakova

   Today we are happy to share the success story of another passionate volunteer who’s been actively supporting the PMI Bulgaria Chapter - Ivelina Chaldakova, or as some of you may know her under her maiden name - Ivelina Petkova.

   Ivelina is a Senior Project Manager and Agile Practitioner with 10+ years of experience (8+ in the IT sector). She has worked with a broad spectrum of companies and organizations (from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies) to successfully deliver multiple projects and programs.

   Ivelina is currently a Project Manager at the fast-growing Norwegian-Bulgarian tech start-up Documaster and is actively working with the Documaster Product Development Team. She is also a Volunteer and Chapter Member & Vice President Communications for the PMI Bulgaria Chapter. Ivelina holds a number of certifications, among which PMP, ICP, ICP-ATF, PSM I, DALSM and ITIL. She’s been a guest speaker, panelist and moderator at a number of events, including talent talks, chapter meetings and open presentations.

   Wondering how her volunteering journey started? Well, it began back in 2018 when Ivelina attended the PMDAY Bulgaria 2018 conference, which she truly enjoyed. 2019 on its end introduced her to the opportunity to become a volunteer for the Project Management Summit Bulgaria 9th Edition which took place in November, 2019. She didn’t need a lot of time to think it through and applied for a volunteer position. It turned out to be a step that she would never regret, as she met a great team of like-minded volunteers (and as time passed by friends) who were willing to work together and give back to the profession and the project management community in Bulgaria and abroad.

Ivelina (Petkova) Chaldakova
   Ivelina joined the team as a Marketing & Communications Team Lead and passionately worked with the Marketing Team to generate awareness and drive attendance to the event. At the time you were able to see Ivelina communicating with designers and media partners, as well as crafting powerful messages for social media in her spare time. The results were not delayed - the hard work, collaboration and passion allowed the volunteer team to organize the most successful and recognized Project Management Conference in Europe in 2019 attracting close to 900 registrations and 830+ participants. In fact the event was sold out about 2 weeks before its start and proved to be a highly-recognized summit with speakers from Bulgaria and all over the world.

   And as volunteers do not necessarily have the time, but rather have the heart to dedicate time to their cause of choice, Ivelina continued to act as a DAL Communications & Social Media in the following months to come. The efforts paid off and she was shortly after elected for a Board Member and for the position of Vice President Communications & Social Media by the PMI Bulgaria Chapter members during the General Assembly of PMI Bulgaria Chapter in February, 2020. Ivelina has been very active in her role to generate awareness about the PMI Bulgaria Chapter and the organization's projects and activities and has actually more than doubled the number of followers of the chapter in the social media channels since the start of her contribution. She has initiated this Success Stories Series, as well as moderated the very first webinar that PMI Bulgaria Chapter organized as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She moderated many of the webinars that followed and was also a guest speaker during the 84th monthly chapter meeting in late 2020 to deliver the presentation "Do It Your Way with Disciplined Agile. An Introduction to Disciplined Agile and Choosing Your WoW". She did it in an open session attended by 120+ participants from the project management community. Ivelina has also brought back the monthly chapter newsletters and has been actively supporting not only the chapter partnerships, but also the chapter’s projects, including the work on the very first edition of the Bulgarian Project Management Awards 2021 for which nominations are still open till March, 2021.

   “Volunteering is not only a passion, but it’s also a great way to make friends, learn new skills and feel happy to give back to a cause” says Ivelina. “And she continues: I’d like to thank all my fellow volunteers for the time, the hard work and the commitment, as it’s always been a team effort. A team effort on a journey that I truly enjoy being a part of”.