General Assembly 2018

   Dear Chapter Member,

Why this is a great new opportunity for you as a chapter member?
By getting involved with PMI through volunteering you will:
  • Leverage opportunities to develop your personal leadership skills
  • Develop and sharpen vital new skills, collaboration and team-building techniques
  • Gain experience in new areas of practice
  • Build your professional network by developing mutually beneficial relationships with other project managers

Elections for Members of the Board of PMI Bulgaria Chapter

On 29.09.2016 at 19:00 h in Sofia at Best Western Art Plaza Hotel, conference room Art Plaza, a General Assembly of the Chapter took place.

One of the topics in the agenda was dedicated to partial election of the Board of the Chapter.

The result from the voting are the following:
  1. Dimitrina Penelova – 21 votes „Yes“ and 6 votes „Against“ for VP for communications and social networks
  2. Dimitar Zahariev – 26 votes „Yes“ and 1 vote „Against“ for VP for IT and Web
  3. Yoanna Zapryanova – 19 votes „Yes“ and 8 votes „Against“ for VP for marketing
  4. Iliana Ruseva – 26 votes „Yes“ and 1 vote „Against“ for VP for projects

Call for Election Committee 2016

New elections for the Board of PMI Bulgaria Chapter will be held in July 2016. For this purpose, a group of three volunteers is needed to form an Elections Committee, which to be responsible for planning and executing all related activities.

The members of the Elections Committee shall:

  • Be willing to VOLUNTEER.
  • Be members of PMI Bulgaria Chapter for at least 6 months with active participation.
  • Be In good standing with PM I and PMI Bulgaria Chapter (no overdue payments or disciplinary matters. i.e. not subject to any dispute formally accepted by the Ethics Review Committee or Ethics Appeal Committee).
  • Be abiding by the PMI Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Possess good interviewing skills.
  • Be team players.
  • Have advanced communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Not have the intention of submitting their candidature for Board positions, due to conflict of interests.
  • Be selected from 3 different companies, in order to keep the balance, diversity and representation of the members of the chapter.
  • Be treated with advantage if accredited by PMI. 


The 5th anniversary of PMI Bulgaria Chapter was commemorated on 21st April in Laura restaurant. A lot of members and friends of the chapter were present. As always, there were lots of surprises. The founding members of the organization received a prize for their contribution and dedication throughout the years. Also, various awards were given out, which caused smiles and applauses.


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