How the PMP Certification boosted my career less than one year after achieving it!

Radoslav Ehlenov

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified since 2016
Quality Program Manager at HP Inc. since 2017 (at HP since 2008)
PMP certified since 2017
Managed Print Services Program Manager from 2018

   I joined my current employer of choice (HP Inc.) in 2008, after a decade abroad (Study in Germany) – it was half coincidence, half intuitive move. I was just lucky to be (or better ‘to put myself’) at the right place to the right time.
   Since then, I moved through different assignments within the company, mainly in the area of process improvement and waste reduction in Customer Support.
   Halfway, another coincidence opened to me the door to the exciting world of Project Management. I joined an internal certification program combining Project Management with the Lean Six Sigma methodology.
I started accumulating experience, mainly through failures and learning on the go. A painful way to become a good Project Manager but for me the only true one!

   A year ago (2017), my attention was attracted by an open position in the Quality Continuous Improvement team. I got the job thanks to my hands-on experience and Lean Six Sigma certification.
   At that time, the need to structure my knowledge and make myself more efficient in Project Management brought me to the idea to learn from the best. I joined the PMI community and started learning for the PMP Certification.
   A journey that I will never forget! Passing the exam (2017) and achieving the PMP Certification was a milestone in my career that completely changed my way of thinking as a PM giving me the confidence to achieve best results in my projects.
   I recognized the need to share my knowledge and help others to find their place in the PM world. I founded the HP PM.netWORK Community which is still very active and spreading the best Project Management practices across the company.
   We expanded the network even further through the collaboration with PMI Bulgaria Chapter. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the trigger for an exciting exchange of innovative ideas.
   Happy end of the story – few months ago (less than a year after PMP Certification) I decided to go for a step that was widely considered impossible – I applied for a higher-level job and surprisingly for everyone I got it! It was not surprising to me at all – with the PMP Certification in my pocket, I was 100% convinced that I will get it. The self-confidence of being a PMP Project Manager made it!
   Good things happen when you stay involved with PMI! Enjoy it!